Arduinoに簡単に接続出来る高機能イメージセンサ : Pixy


開始 : 2013/08/15
終了 : 2013/09/14
目標金額 : $25,000
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  • $59 以上(+$10送料) でPixy x1

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すごいなぁ、色々弄って遊んでみたい ^^

One Response to Arduinoに簡単に接続出来る高機能イメージセンサ : Pixy

  1. Rami Morris より:

    I am reaching out to you to discuss our newest technology, engineering, robotics and programming educational product. It’s called the “Hummingbird Duo” and you can check it out at our Kickstarter campaign page here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/938274194/1457231733?token=067de212

    The Hummingbird Duo may be the first electronics kit that is fun and educational for a fourth grader, a high school student, a college engineering student, or an adult maker. With the Duo; learners go up a staircase where each step increases skills and where mastering each step allows one to use the Hummingbird in a new and more interesting way.

    We are a Carnegie Mellon University spin-off company and the Hummingbird originated with the Arts and Bots project in the CREATE Lab. Our original version Hummingbird kit is already in a few hundred schools and is unleashing students’ creativity and imagination in classrooms world-wide. In 2012 Fast Company declared it one of “3 gifts to get Girls Interested in Engineering” and in 2014 we received a Parents’ Choice Gold Award and were also recognized by the National School Board Association Technology Innovation Showcase.
    We are focused on education: The Hummingbird Duo is an excellent kit for introducing electronics, robotics, engineering and programming in any environment: at home, in the classroom, in summer camp, or in a club.
    We are socially responsible: Our goal is for all students to learn some computer and engineering as part of the regular school day. In addition to our products, we directly support this goal in two ways:
    In 2013 we donated 350 of our Finch robots to schools around the USA to introduce coding and computer science to over ten thousand elementary, middle and high school students.
    Since 2012, we have pledged 1% or our profits to the Computer Science Teacher’s Association. We believe in the work of the CSTA, which supports and promotes the teaching of computer science.
    We are also the makers of the “Finch Robot.” I hope that you already heard about Chicago public libraries loaning the Finch out to all members. Press release below :o)

    Please support our efforts by pre-ordering our kit and gifting it to your school or someone you know.

    Please share our Kickstarter project with your colleagues, friends and family.

    Thank you for your support.